Essay Vulnerability to Internet Predators

Essay Vulnerability to Internet Predators

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Vulnerability to Internet Predator
The publicity about online predators that prey on naive and inexperienced young children using trickery and violence is largely inaccurate. Internet sex crimes involving adults and juveniles more often fit a model of statutory rape which is adult offenders who meet, develop relationships with, and openly seduce underage teenagers than a model of forcible sexual assault or pedophilic child molesting (Wolak et. al., 2008). However, prepubescent children are even less vulnerable because their internet use is generally more supervised by the parents and guardian. In addition, they use the internet less for communication and are for developmental reasons, less interested in sex and relationships than adolescents.
Internet users at the ages of 12 to 13 years generally understand the social complexities of the internet at the same levels as adults. As they get older and gain experience online, they engage in more complexes and interactive internet use puts them at greater risk than younger, less experienced youth who use the Internet in simpler, less interactive ways ((Livingstone & Sonia,2006). Among youth ages 12- to 17-years-old, it was those ages 15 to 17 that were most prone to take risks involving privacy and contact with unknown people. On the other hand, the target who are the most vulnerable to online victimization that have histories of sexual abuse, sexual orientation concerns, and patterns of risk taking off- and online have minor risk in involved again because of the experienced (Jones & Jemmot, 2009) .
According to Jones and Jemmot (2009) most victims are girls of all ages with the risk of family problem and this can happen at any age. Most reports suggest that the vulnerability begins in...

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