Essay The Vs. Rockets : The University Of Akron

Essay The Vs. Rockets : The University Of Akron

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Zips vs Rockets
Every student has grown up through high school making small decisions, till senior year when they are ready to make one of the most important decisions in their life. This decision is what they will do after high school most students will go to college. Some students will join the armed forces or go straight into work. I am one of the many that will go to college. As a senior a student is expected to know what they would like to do after high school and which major they would like to study. Many students feel lost when they go on college visits, because it is hard to imagine how much their life will change in a small amount of time. I have narrowed down my choices for college between the University of Toledo and the University of Akron. Although the University of Akron and University of Toledo both are very similar in price, Universtiy of Akron is a better fit because of its friendly campus and engineering programs.
University of Akron and the University of Toledo are relatively similar in size. When I was picking colleges I wanted a medium sized school, that gives reasonably large scholarships. Both colleges are very similar in student size. University of Toledo has around 22,000 students (“Undergraduate Admission”). Closely related University of Akron, which has 25,177 students (“Quick Facts and Figures”). Even though there are numerous similarities there are also some differences. One of the differences is the size of the campus. University of Akron campus is two hundred and eighteen acres (“Quick Facts and Figures”), on the other hand, University of Toledo campus is eight hundred and fifty eight acres (“How Does University of Toledo Rank Among America 's Best Colleges”). The campus of the University of Tol...

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...ity of Akron has 300 student organizations to help students get involved (“Student Organizations : The University of Akron”). Both of these universities have student programs and clubs to help incoming freshman make friends and feel at home.
I picked the University of Akron because it caters to my interest in engineering and has a friendly campus. Even though it was a tough decision between the University of Akron and the University of Toledo, I think I have made the right one. One of the most important features of the University of Akron is that students are able to walk downtown to local bars and restaurants. Also incoming students like the variety of students programs that this university offers and the many activities on and off campus. I am very excited for what the future holds for me at this university. I can not wait to start my new life as an Akron Zip.

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