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The Voyages Of Christopher Columbus Essay

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Amidst the numerous pivotal events in history the voyages of Christopher Columbus impacted not only the Americas, but the world by initiating the process of globalization. Columbus’ voyages not only brought new people to the Americas, but initiated the genocide of indigenous people. The voyages also brought new crops to Europe that increased the population while also providing new crops to the Americas that would fundamentally change the economy of the American tropics for centuries to come. The voyages also brought about the introduction of diseases that would have devastating effects on the Americas.
Christopher Columbus was born in 1452 in Genoa, which today is a part of Italy. Columbus was born into a family of weavers and later became a sailor on the Mediterranean Sea. “He received little or nor formal education in his youth. He never wrote in Italian but did learn to read and write Spanish and Portuguese” Columbus was 19 at the time of his first voyage in the Aegean Sea. In his twenties he began making longer voyages and later set out for Flanders and England in 1476. Unfortunately he did not make it Flanders or England because his boat was sunk by a group of French sailors. “He landed penniless in Portugal, and was taken in by one of many Genoese living in Lisbon, which was then the European center of overseas exploration. At Lisbon Columbus acquired most of his knowledge of navigation.” While in Portugal, Columbus became a chart maker. While working as a sugar buyer in a mercantile business he came in contact with other pilots and navigators who believed that islands existed in the far west.
By the age of 31 or 32 Columbus, while working in the Portuguese merchant service, had become a master mariner. Columbu...

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...sed in Europe in 1495, was carried back to the continent by Columbus ' crew. Within a decade, the bacterium had spread to European soldiers in India, who then infected Asians, making syphilis the first global epidemic.”
Without the expeditions of Columbus, Europe would not have expanded as fast as it did, and the Americas would not have experienced the dramatic change as quickly. Disease would have arrived more slowly, and the extermination of indigenous people would have been at a much slower rate. Despite the pestilence, genocide, and violence, the Columbian exchange undoubtedly changed the face of Europe, the Americas, and Africa as well, by introducing new people, crops, disease, animals, religion, and globalization. Globalization has turn the entire plant into a “melting pot”. We are no longer individual races and people, we have become a global community.

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