Voting Is A Important Part Of Our Good Democracy Essay

Voting Is A Important Part Of Our Good Democracy Essay

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I did vote in the last election because as a good citizens we need to make sure that every politicians knows that they depend on us to be in the position that they want to be now. In my opinion any politicians believes that any future career in this field depend on if the citizens believes on them or not at the time of voting. It is not easy to choose for the right candidates, I think it is very important to make sure that good people are running for any type of positions.
Perhaps, voting is a very important part of our good democracy government in the United States. I’ve been very concerned about young citizens in our country, because they do not have been very active when it comes to political participation or choose a political party. However, citizens have their own personal reasons why are not voting. One of those reasons is that citizens don’t trust much in politicians, another reason is that they do not know much about the candidates or how the election process work. Many citizens don’t even know how to get register for vote, I was one of them. I think that registering to vote...

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