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Voting And Vote For Vote Essay

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Voting is very much in the mind of the individual. Many United States citizens feel as though they have a civic duty to vote, that the democratic process doesn 't work unless people are actively participating in it- Others believe that their vote isn 't going to make a difference. People who do feel compelled to vote, often search out and find someone who they feel would best help society, but many people lack connection with politicians. People who need the most help from the government and could get the most help, are often unable to have their voices heard. Vote suppression decreases the number of eligible voters and takes away the electoral power from individuals. With the rise of social media, there 's more young people involved in politics now more than ever, but a large number of the younger generation still do not vote. There are several reasons that one might not vote: Not having the time to vote, not having a solid opinion on political issues, and having a language barrier.
People who don 't have the resources to vote can 't take time off work to go vote- People who have blue collar jobs aren 't always guaranteed certain days off and have to work while caucusing or voting is going on. Many may get some time off of work to go vote but can 't wait in the long lines to vote. These people are mainly lower class, blue collar workers. Immigrants make up a large portion of the lower class as well which explains why they typically are less likely to vote (even though the number of minorities who are voting is rising and has been since the 1980 's, minorities still make up a small percentage of the voter population (Khalid, Asma. "Republicans ' White Working-Class Trap: A Growing Reliance." NPR. NPR, 18 Jan. 2016. Web. 03 May 20...

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...nt agree that when the government runs something, it is 'usually inefficient and wasteful. ' “ (Esaili, Hanan. "Why Don 't Young People Vote?" The Huffington Post., 11 Nov. 2015. Web. 06 May 2016) -and in this distrust, they choose to not associate or involve themselves with government affairs. Many politicians have tried new tactics to try to engage younger generations, but at the cost of looking foolish to most everyone.
There are many barriers that stand in the way of people when it comes to voting. The mail-in ballot system is one solution that many states should consider adopting to help making polling easier to use for people with language barriers and people who don’t have the time to vote. Social media and E-activism have assisted in spreading many political candidates messages to just about anyone who owns a computer or a smartphone.

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