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Voting And Vote And The Privilege Essays

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It is a privilege to register to vote and then be able to put action to the registering by voting. Sadly, though not many Americans know why they have the right to register to vote and the privilege to vote. In many cultures of today voting is not permitted. In this investigation a detailed look will be taken to see where people got the right to vote. Finally, it will also be evaluated and examined why more people do not choose to act upon this privilege. I also will discuss what voting means to me personally. I will also talk about why I chose to register to vote and the benefits that I think I will gain from taking this action. I will also discuss how I feel that if the American people do not register and vote he does not know good to desire change because change starts with the people.

First, how did the action of voting get started? To answer this question a trip must be taken back to 1789. George Washington was up for election and he won one hundred percent of the electoral college vote this raised the major question about the voting process. The question was who was included in the voting? Only six percent of the United States population had a say in the vote. This was because in order to have the right to vote it was required that an individual was a white male and that they owned property. Once these two requirements were met this allowed them to exercise the right to vote (The fight for, 2013).

From the 1820s to the 1830s the American population was rapidly growing this all started from the East Coast and continue its rapid growth all the way to the Western frontier. These newfound people were resilient and self-reliant the only problem was they were ineligible to vote. This was because they were not land owners as the...

... middle of paper ... of my voter’s registration card as documented proof. I was unable to add a photo to this document so I will upload it to the appropriate dropbox with the assignment.

In summary, there were many struggles and battles that had to be fought and ultimately one in order for the voting privileges that we know of today to be in place. There were countless lives lost in multiple wars and protests. This overall was a long and tedious one where some people would get to vote but they had to be white and landowners. Then it was okay African-Americans can vote on paper. However, in reality many laws and intimidation tactics would be taken to prevent this from happening. Finally, after many battles one every American citizen can vote now. I have learned that it is important for everyone to have a voice and to use that voice to better their community around by choosing to vote.

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