The Vote Spotter App Is An Application Essay

The Vote Spotter App Is An Application Essay

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The Vote Spotter App is an application that allows people to find out about how their State level and Federal level legislators voted on individual bills or topics. Once you vote, this application also shows you how the majority of people with this same application has voted and if the legislator voted with the majority or against them. The application also gives you ways to contact your legislators, email or office number, and to follow them on several media outlets such as Facebook or Twitter. These are just a few advantages for users to have with this application but the legislators themselves also have advantages with this application as well.

One of the main factors of this application that contributes an advantage for legislators is that they can see how the public votes on these same topics they have already voted on. This gives them a rough idea of how they are doing on a more daily or weekly basis with knowing they have made decisions in favor of the public or not. There are also some disadvantages that come along with this application such as technical difficulties where the web portion of the application has not worked for myself on three different computers or the possible false representation this application might have since every voter may not currently have this application and people who are ineligible to vote may use this application. This application is just one of many advantages or disadvantages legislators may have in congressional electoral politics. Other advantages, centered more around elections, include candidate-centered electoral politics where legislators focus their campaign around themselves with their past accomplishments and experience as the incumbent to gain votes. Being the incumbent ...

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...cles within newspapers the public has a vast amount of information at their fingertips about Congress and how they are currently performing. While a lot of the information throughout the media can be biased for whatever political party they are affiliated with, there are some outlets where they do not give advice or restrict what is on their news outlet letting the public to decide themselves how they want to perceive Congress and the their individual legislators like this application.

The Vote Spotter App overall is a very simple and quick way to keep up on how your legislators have voted, and to see how the rest of the population has voted, making it an easy tool to see the performance of your legislators. As developers continue with technical issues and inputting more data to be seen and used this application could in the future become a necessity when voting.

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