Volunteering Is Important in the Public Services Essay

Volunteering Is Important in the Public Services Essay

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Explain why volunteering is important in the public services
volunteering is a person who freely offers to take part in an enterprise or undertake a task. In this report i will talk about the different types of volunteering in the:
• public sector
• private sector
• third sector
volunteering is important in the public sector because it helps the public services save money other than the military as the military reservists get paid but it is still voluntary. I got all my information from the websites which are for the organisation. the benefits of volunteering are:
• Learn or develop a new skill
• Be part of your community
• Motivation and sense of achievement
• Boost your career options
• New interests and hobbies
• New experiences
• Meeting a diverse range of people
• Send a signal to your employer, teachers, friends and family
Different types of voluntary work
Public Sector
police specials
In the police the special constabulary are the volunteer force they have the same training as the police and the same powers they just can't go in the helicopters or with the armed response teams. but they can still arrest people. they come from all walks of life like teachers, taxi drivers, shop owners. they also save a lot of money for the police because they don't get paid so they are out on the street helping to prevent crime just like an ordinary officer who gets paid. the time you must give up between 8-12 hours a week.
TA, RAF, Navy
the reservists are the volunteers for the armed forces which are the Army, Royal Navy & Royal Air Force (RAF). The army's volunteers are the TA. The Royal navy's and the RAF's volunteers are their reservis...

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...lps the organisation is it gives them free work as they don't have to pay for the volunteer. Also the organisation can employ more people as they have someone working and doing jobs for free and with the money they save from the volunteer they could use that on either raising wages or hiring another worker. It also promotes the organisation so other volunteers will come and the organisation will gain more workers and save a lot more money as they will have people working for free so the work will get done faster.

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