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Volunteering Is An Essential Part Of Society Essays

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Volunteering is an essential part of society; individuals coming together to complete everyday tasks to better support the work and development of society and a noble cause. From leading the charge of a local Relay for Life, to packing and loading boxes of groceries to building a house or walking dogs at the dog shelter; volunteers are irreplaceable in nearly every capacity they serve. Volunteer and human resource management is vital to the development and continuation of a strong program of volunteers. From attracting the best volunteers, to the challenges of resource management and the models which help us achieve a program of work.
Article 1) Attracting Volunteers via the Web
This article was written to demonstrate that volunteer programs may be able to attract more volunteers by effectively utilizing websites; an inexpensive and easily accessible resource for volunteer resource managers.
Attracting and recruiting volunteers vary greatly among organizations and the work they do. Some organizations struggle to attract volunteers for various reasons, others struggle to keep those volunteers. Attracting volunteers has proven to be difficult for many small nonprofit entities which have limited financial resources and administrative personnel. Resources that enable the organization 's ability to foster a stronger presence in their recruitment efforts and the communities they serve.
The article suggests that a great resource for attaining volunteers in a highly connected digital era is a website. “By connecting with potential volunteers via the web, nonprofits organizations can attract and sign-up the essential volunteer talent they need (Allen, 2010).”
A good website is one which utilizes the fourteen best practice...

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...ive team and the people which fulfill those duties. Communicating, motivating, leading and controlling are also folded into the essentials of volunteer management.
Collectively, there are many resources, studies and opinions surrounding the issues of volunteering. From recruitment, attainment, program sustainability and budgets, volunteer backed organizations must be critical in their approach to ensure maximum gains. In my future, I can take what I have learned to better evaluate the standings of my own work and the work of volunteers within an organization. It is critical that to develop a top notch volunteer program that I am inclusive of the fourteen standards for creating such a program and continually evaluate the impact the program has. A strong volunteer program is only strong if it is adaptable to the needs of the organization and the cliental it serves.

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