Volunteering at The Elder's Chapel Essay

Volunteering at The Elder's Chapel Essay

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Avery Heights is a community nursing home in a park like setting in the town of Hartford. I have been a volunteer worker for two years and almost every day I visit this magnificent place. My attendance began when I was a high school student looking to complete community service work mandatory for every high school student. Ever since the first visit, I have thoroughly enjoyed assisting residents living at Avery Heights throughout my high school experience and beyond. Whether spending time with dementia and Alzheimer’s patient or enjoying the twist and turns of the puzzle solving and Friday Bingo games with the healthy residents, I developed a sense of compassion, love, and gratitude toward them. My attraction to the Heights was mainly because of volunteering. I helped residents with any technological issues that they faced, from fixing old VCR players so they could watch their favorites 90s TV shows to teaching them how to access the nursing home Wi-Fi and creating an email account which were a truly rewarding experiences.
During a cold Saturday night, I informed my volunteer coordinator Jackie, a music therapist researching the impact of music on Alzheimer’s patients that I would like to attend the Sunday service prayer to gain a new prospective about a faith to which I had little to no exposure. Jackie welcomed me with a smile and agreed that my arrival in the morning would be expected. My main motivation was curiosity for learning and understanding a different religion than my own. Until 2009 I lived in Sudan, a northeastern country in Africa where Islam was the dominant religious. Exposure to different religions such as Christianity was unheard off. I arrived at the main building and headed to the second floor to meet with Ja...

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...t in people’s lives in the midst of all the health problems they are facing, I took the positive images that I have seen that day about learning that new lesson every Sunday service, “new aspiration in hopes of doing the right thing to please the lord” as Kathy stated. How Christianity impacts the faith of its believers was truly astounding. Not surprisingly it has the largest population of followers in the world. Learning about different religions is a rewarding task. It brings a vast understanding of other people’s views of faith. It can lead us to prevent repeated mistakes that our ancestors made during their lifetimes.

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