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Voltage Sensor Of Membrane Potentials Essay

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As the article was reviewed, it is clear that the main purpose of the research presented was to create a voltage sensor that would send out fluorescent signals and return responses from the actions of membrane potentials. The researchers also wanted a voltage sensor that would keep track of the membrane potentials in neurons at quicker rates by using a microscope that not only detects refection and adsorption but also fluorescence. The method, in this design plan, places the fluorescent protein into the extracellular, S3-S4, loop domain. This main design was created in the lab and named ASAP1 (Accelerated Sensor of Action Potentials 1) (St-Pierre, F.).
ASAP1 is a huge step in the research of this type of sensor. In the distant past, voltage sensors were not able to produce responses very quickly from oocytes and no responses from neurons. In time, the research was upgraded and voltage sensors saw an improvement in what they were able to produce as results. Instead of not receiving any activity at all from the voltages in neurons, the new voltage sensors were now able to detect the voltages. Also, researchers started selecting the placement of the sensor in the membrane more accurately than before. Even though improvements were being seen in the more recent voltage sensors, they were not accurate enough for upcoming times.
An ideal voltage sensor includes many inputs and outputs that are not seen in any sensor in the past. An ideal indicator would test the neuronal electrical activity in a human brain by sensors and not use any chemicals while testing. To test for an ideal sensor, we begin by looking for responses from the device that includes large fluorescence responses. These are the non-invasive, clear images tha...

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The researchers came up with a variety of tests and particular tests that help find the best fit for this type of sensor. I agree with the claims the authors stated, including that the ASAP1 is far distant and improved from the earlier sensors. The next steps would be running more tests on the ASAP1 and comparing it to another voltage sensor other than ArcLight. Also, since the ASAP1 opens up new results of electrical activity in the brain, studies can now be conducted on those new results. This is an overall push for faster imaging of tissue by non-invasive electrical activity.

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