`` Volar `` By Judith Ortiz Cofer Essay

`` Volar `` By Judith Ortiz Cofer Essay

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Imagine being a young girl dreaming of becoming a woman and flying like a super hero over your neighborhood, seeing everything that happens at night. Then, you wake up to realize you are still a young girl sleeping in your room with white “princess” furniture. This is part of the narrator’s dream in the story “Volar” by Judith Ortiz Cofer, but what exactly does this dream mean? Many details can be interpreted by analyzing the character and theme, both by using the reader response approach and the psychological approach made, mostly developed by Sigmond Freud’s theories.
In “Volar” the narrator is an older version of the character. She is an older woman, but her age is unknown; we do know the narrator is most likely out of adolescence because it says “In the last days of my childish fantasy and the beginning of adolescence”. From this quote we can infer the narrator is an adult now and able to look back on her childhood and write this story. The audience is most likely projected towards young girls and mothers, this is because the main character is a young girl and the other characters are her parents’, but the mother talks the most. Also, most of the story is about becoming a powerful woman, which is something every young girl and mother wishes to become. The setting of “Volar” is in the early twentieth century and in the United States of America. The mother in the story mentions visiting their family in Puerto Rico, so I interpreted this as their family being immigrants from there. Immigration was very popular in the United States in the early twentieth century. I know the story takes place in the United States because the narrator mentions living in a “barrio”, the footnote of this word, in the story, explains that a “barrio”...

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... believe many women could relate to the story when it was written in the mid-twentieth century. This is because at the time women were expected to be housewives and not do many extraordinary things. Also, I believe many women wanted to do powerful things, like vote and get a job, and this was a time period when the view of women’s roles was changing.
In the short story “Volar” the young girl dreams of being a superhero and flying over her neighborhood at night. This is a very powerful dream and I believe the entire story has a very powerful meaning for women, specifically that women do want to do more with their lives. I also believe this was a very strong story for women reading this in the mid-twentieth century. Although, the character and theme can be interpreted differently by every reader, I believe all readers can agree that this is a powerful story for women.

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