Voices Of The South Experience Essay

Voices Of The South Experience Essay

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Voices of The South Experience
Our first day of the collab we went to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. There we learned more about the Civil War and the Battle of Gettysburg. We were unfortunately unable to take a tour of the battle site as the area closed early that day. Instead of taking a tour, we drove through the town of Gettysburg to see the town and learn about it’s history. As we were driving Mr. Magee pointed out that most of the buildings around us are not older than 150 years old. This is because there are not many buildings that survived the war as General Ulysses S. Grant went through the South, burning everything in his path to help the Union. Seeing Gettysburg helped to highlight how brutal and devastating the war was to the south and how it left them to rebuild a lot after the war had ended.
We arrived in New Orleans after driving throughout the night on Monday. We spent a few hours in the city and got a literary walking tour. Before the tour, we stopped at Cafe du Monde, got coffee and tried beignets, which was fried dough with powdered sugar. The beignets were the first southern food that we tried. Our tour guide, David Roberts, gave us an incredible tour of the French Quarter, where he explained about festivals that go on in the city, authors that have lived in the city and gained inspiration from it, and a basic history of the French Quarter. The tour was very informational and helped to gain teach us more about New Orleans. After the tour we went back to the Morris 's house and tried jambalaya, an exclusively southern dish. Jambalaya is a common dish in the south and the recipe will vary depending on where it is being made. Different places will add different ingredients such as; chicken, sausage, and shrimp along w...

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... was a possibility. Learning about a person who had such a huge impact in the United States was incredible.
Throughout the voices of the south collab, I have a learned a huge amount about the south. I did not expect to learn so much and also did not expect the south to be as different as it was from the northeast. The people that we talked to, let us stay in their houses, and or provided wonderful meals for us were all incredibly nice all of the time, which is a little different from the north. During this collab, I was able to learn more about a place that I had never spent a significant amount time in before and learn more about it. Being able to go on this collab and experience everything was an incredible opportunity. I am very grateful that I was able to go. I learned a lot and, before and after travelling, a lot of stereotypes that I had heard,were broken. ​

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