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Voice Over Internet Protocol Term Paper

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Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) is a technology that offers voice communications using the existing Internet protocols. Over the years the Internet has developed as a very cheap medium that has been used to send electronic mails and files across the globe. VoIP extends this concept and provides the facility to send voice data between people using the IP framework. Since the Internet is a cheap medium, enabling voice services through it will effectively cut costs that are normally encountered in making calls through normal telephone lines. This would mean that people across the world can talk to each other at a fraction of the cost that they could be spending when they use normal telephone lines. This is exactly what makes VoIP interesting. However, until now the transfer of voice through the available Internet infrastructure has been beset with problems and the data quality of most applications using VoIP is far inferior when compared to the conventional telephone lines. This may be attributed to the non-uniform Internet services that are available throughout the world. This paper will look at VoIP technology and analyze some of its strong points, and how it may be considered as the technology of the future.

VoIP is essentially the transfer of voice over the IP network. Integrating existing Internet protocols with real time voice and sound is a big problem mainly because the Internet was not designed for handling interactive content to the extent that we use them today. However, market demands have put enough pressure on vendors to create technologies that can effectively use the existing infrastructure in the best possible manner. On top of it, the urge to combine real time communication with the un...

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...ata encryption capacities are built into the software. In addition, Skype can also be used for conferencing and even instant messaging applications. Skype can also be used for data transfer and huge files can be sent between users using Skype. Similarly, Skype also has a massive directory with which one can search for contacts. Another very important fact is that the software services almost all parts of the world, and so getting connected to someone in any part of the world is not a big issue.

VoIP is one of the most happening sectors of telecommunication technologies where people can send voice and data at relatively cheap rates. Considering the applications and economic benefits of the technology, and the fact that more companies are joining the VoIP bandwagon with their own neat little applications, it may be expected that the future belongs to VoIP

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