Essay about The Voice Of A Girl Is Marriage

Essay about The Voice Of A Girl Is Marriage

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The narration above simply provides a vivid explication on how fun school is for Layla. School turns to be a moment where she finds most of her happiness. It does not necessarily mean that she is not happy at home, however, after getting her period, home connotes horror rather than place where one can find peace except for her private room. School offers Layla the freedom of just being herself where she does not feel the confinement at home. It also suggests that she values and treasures education and that she is waiting for achieving higher education, the university life. As personal, Layla strongly opposes the perception that the future of a girl is marriage (82). She is completely aware and believes that education can aids people to understand things and decide what is best for them (77).
For Layla and her peers, Sanaa and Adila, education plays an important role. Being educated help women to not easily accept what the world offers them to be including marriage. Layla enthusiastically contends how education changes today’s woman as she says “our mothers were the harem—things possessed by their fathers, who passed them on to husbands. But us?—we don’t have any excuses, and we are the one who have to decide our own futures. Even animals choose their mates!” (77). From their conversation, they come up with one term, harem mentality which results from the respected fundamentals by creating women who not only suffer themselves but also perpetuate gender difference and injustice (78). Awareness grows among those girls as they encounter the social reality in life. Layla stresses that “it just convinces me all the more that no girl these days can possibly live the way her mother did” (78). Such lesson learnt eventually brings them to ...

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...rightened for her when he’s really frightened for himself, claims to be protecting her in order to possession of her and put four walls around her (el-Saadawi 63)
Her husband does not realize that her wife is financially independent and capable of living by herself. Those things are men’s ultimate women when they suppress women and gain control over her. The nameless heroine perceives the feeling of independent as her life capital which helps her against her patriarchal figure of husband.
He didn’t realize that my strength wasn’t because I had a job nor was my pride because I had my own income, but both were because I didn’t have the psychological need for him that he did to me. I didn’t have this need for my mother, my father or anyone else because I wasn’t dependent on anyone, whereas he’d been dependent on his mother, then had begun to replace her with me (64)

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