Vodafone Company: Factors Considered in Determining its Current Marketing Strategy

Vodafone Company: Factors Considered in Determining its Current Marketing Strategy

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Vodafone is a multinational telecommunications company that has its headquarters in London. Its registered office is in Newbury Berkshire. This company was formed in 1991 and it has continued to grow every year. Vodafone stands as the second largest mobile telecommunication company in the world (Aker & Mbiti, 2010). This company operates its networks in over 40 countries. The company has targeted many other different countries whose economy is growing in a faster rate, like Nigeria in West Africa. Due to the presence of oil in Nigeria, the company has decided to capture as many shares in the market as possible, as Nigeria has a very valuable market. There are different unique strategies that the company uses to sell its policies to the new customers.
Factors Considered in Determining its Current Marketing Mix and the Current Marketing Strategy
Vodafone has a big management team that helps it in marketing and advertising. Market mix refers to the tool that the company uses to advertise its products to the market. Marketing is an important tool in any business. The process of marketing should be done efficiently to ensure that it builds a strong customer relationship (Aker & Mbiti, 2010). There are different channels that Vodafone uses in its market mix. These strategies enhance the brand recognition. Many people are familiar with the Vodafone logo all over the world. This is a great sign of brand recognition. As a result of the brand recognition, many people have tried to use Vodafone services. This has helped in improving the profits of the company. Just like other leading companies, the Vodafone Company has ensured that it markets its products in the best way following the market theory (Thompson & Garbacz, 2007). From the star...

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