Vladimir Lenin And The Russian Era Essay

Vladimir Lenin And The Russian Era Essay

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Vladimir Lenin
“One man with a gun can control 100 without one.” Vladimir Lenin lived an adventurous life full of determined goals. He was well educated and had radical plans to re-organize the Russian Empire. Although many did not support him, he was very successful in his works. During his rule he created a 3 year civil war that took many innocent lives, but he was still able to bring good out of it. Lenin was ruthless and did not care about the bridges he had to burn to achieve what he wanted. He may have been self centered but he still had good intentions for his homeland.
Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov was born into a well educated family on April 22nd 1870 in Simbirsk Russia(Vladimir BBC 1). His father was a high official in the Russian educational system(Vladimir Bio 1). This allowed Vladimir to grow up in very privileged circumstances. Growing up his views always leaned more towards being radical(2). On March 1st of 1887, Vladimir 's eldest brother attempted to kill the Tsar and was executed in the act. Vladimir was expelled from Kazan University after participating in a radical demonstration with his friends(O’Connell 1). Although he was expelled, he still finished his studies in Law and earned a degree in 1891. By the age of 23 Vladimir was practicing the views of Karl Marx, who is thought to be the most influential socialist teacher of his time. Only four years later, he was sent to jail and exiled for three years because of his radical actions in society(Vladimir Bio 2). While doing underground party work Vladimir adopted the last name of Lenin.
After many years of upset in Russia due to World War I, Vladimir took a chance that would on come around once. Lenin grabbed the Russian government by the heart when they were in ...

... middle of paper ...

... 54.(O’Connell 4)
In Conclusion, Vladimir Lenin was a ruthless, self-centered, ignorant man. He cared about the success of himself and himself only. He did not care if he had to burn many bridges to get where he wanted as long as he was the ruler of the country in the end. He caused one of the bloodiest civil wars known in history. His radical thoughts affected the whole country, as they were forced to change their everyday lives in the lives of a communist state. Although not all of his actions affected those who lived outside the country, some did. The Bolsheviks were able to help in World War II and keep the country from being taken over by the Nazis. Vladimir Lenin was determined to make his thoughts known across the country and he was effective at doing so. His ideas and actions will forever be remembered in Russian history, the creator of the Communist Party.

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