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Small children shriek at the excitement of experiencing toddler rides at ViVa! Vienna!.

Teenagers scream as they cling to their seats on the scary rides.

Adults scrutinize the intricate crafts on sale at vendor booths along an historic street.

People of all ages enjoy the food court, a veritable United Nations of tastes.

Parents appreciate the fact that there is no cost to attend ViVa! Vienna!

Music fans soak up the sounds of a wide variety of free music to suit everyone’s taste.

These statements, you are probably thinking, describe events at different festivals, different locations, and different parks where you would have to pay big bucks just to get in. For all these statements describe one event: ViVa! Vienna!, a three-day festival of food, crafts, music, carnival rides and community spirit, held annually along historic Church Street in Vienna, from Lawyers Road to Mill St., with the old Vienna Train Station and Caboose serving as the anchor. Now in its 27th year, ViVa! Vienna! will return on Memorial Day Weekend, Saturday, May 29 through Monday, May 31, 2010. Carnival rides, along with the carnival food traditions of popcorn, kettle corn, and funnel cakes, will round out the fare.

On Sunday and Monday of Memorial Day Weekend, Church Street will be closed to traffic from Lawyers Road to Mill Street to allow booths for artisans, retail vendors, political parties and candidates, professional groups, and community organizations.
Local vendors will offer a variety of foods, including pizza, barbecue, hot dogs and hamburgers, Italian sausage, as well as food traditions from countries around the world.

“ViVa! Vienna! is produced and sponsored by the Vienna Rotary Club in concert with title co-sponso...

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...c material, such as that found in computers and monitors, from landfills reduces environmental contamination,” said Eichert. “Helping the environment is the right thing to do and Navy Federal is pleased to offer this service to the community.”

‘Service above Self’ is the Rotary motto and ViVa! Vienna! provides the vehicle to serve the community with this celebration and then to help charitable organizations serve specific groups.

The ViVa! Vienna provides information it also provides information and lists of sources for those who have additional questions. Become a ViVa! Vienna! Facebook Fan at

“Not only is this a fun weekend for all family members, it is a worthy cause,” said Jim Marshall. “Come out and see for yourself. I’m betting you will have a good time – no matter what your age.”

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