Visiting A High School Teacher Essay

Visiting A High School Teacher Essay

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This year I went to visit my former high school. I stepped through the front doors for the

first time brimming with confidence. As I walked into the main office and saw my former principal

he asked me what I was doing here and I answered, “I 'm studying to be a high school teacher”.

Doing a double take, he called in another teacher who I have never met, pointed to me and with a

smile radiating on his face said, “Look! This is Tatyana! A former student who now wants to

teach! Can you believe it?”. The woman who works in the main office turned her head, staring at

me with wonder. “Tatyana? She 's studying to be a teacher? She never went to school!”. I laughed

because this was entirely true. As a whole I attended high school for probably 30% of the 4 years.

Not a very good look for a future teacher one would suppose. But I have no shame in my

attendance or my past high school actions. I transferred schools three times, first due to immature

fourteen year old fighting, then because I showed up so rarely but wanted to graduate so bad, that

I had to find another school that will help me somehow get my credits so I can finally get out of

there, and get out of there on time. If one was to look at my high school record, they would never

expect me, of all people, to want to return back to high school. But through the times that I went, I

met teachers that listened to me and helped me, not just academically so I can get my diploma, but

mentally. Teachers were more than teachers to me, they were my friends, who did everything in

their power to make me successful. Only when I ended high school, and never had to go back

through those doors, did I realize that without those teachers, without their persistence,

understanding, an...

... middle of paper ...

...ds to use at your disposal, you have

various ways of approaching a topic, and you have varieties of projects and activities you can give

that won 't be a dull worksheet they have to do every day at the end of class.

Over all it comes down to loving what you teach, loving your students, and teaching them to

love to learn. A teacher can turn a persons life around, help a child open their mind and become aware

of their capabilities. Education can be a beautiful experience, and should be taught to be valued because

it isn 't available everywhere. When teachers take the time to draw away from a strict curriculum and

focus on individual student needs and interests, students will feel like their voice matters and won 't give

as much push back. They 'll take the knowledge and treasure it, and remember the teacher who took the

time out of their life to help them grow.

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