Essay on Visit The Manchester Recycling Site

Essay on Visit The Manchester Recycling Site

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We decide to visit the Manchester recycling site because we felt we needed to know more about recycling as she had a great influence and power as well as specialist knowledge on our chosen issue. Prior to the trip, we worked together to design questions we felt were important for us to know for our action, for example We talked to the site manager of our school to find out if we would be allowed to get more recycling bins, and why when all recycling items are separated in school they are then dumped all together when collected by the cleaners. She clarified that it was the councillors who were responsible for policy and spending decisions and that the officers carried out the decisions and that school aren’t meant to recycle recyclable items as it’s classed as a business and it costs a lot of money to take the items to the local recycling plant. This tells that most schools in the Uk do not support recycling and do not contribute to recycling as however they promote recycling for example a recycling awareness week. This views is against our action to the school being eco-friendly and hopefully will be able to change this and make our school more eco-friendly.

Secondly I chose to contact the Student Council because it is a good idea to involve them as they have an important role to play in school and can help us in turning our plans into action. Mrs Semp (head of the student council) said that everybody would be in favour of recycling because its benefits were obvious, saying and that the student council had an interest in the issue of people not putting items in the bin at all, let alone putting it in the right bin. She also replied to my letter saying ‘I also believe, like you, we should think more about recy...

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...all the time and I think that every school should have a recycling policy also, big businesses, and small, which use a lot of paper, should be recycling. And ink cartridges as those things that cost a lot of money! Believe it or not, they can be recycled! So recycle them! This is evident from the article states that studies show that “around 28000 litters of water, 4000 kw hours of electricity and 2 barrels of oil are utilized for producing one ton of new paper. Moreover approximately 2200 pounds of solid waste is generated during this process. Did you know that 20% of logs (that involves cutting of trees) collected from the forest area of the world are reserved for producing new paper. Shocking statistics! Isn’t? Making one ton of new paper needs a number of resources amounting to 98 tons no surprise, producing new paper is indeed a burden on our resources.

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