Vision Problems: Retinal detachment Essay

Vision Problems: Retinal detachment Essay

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What are common vision problems?
Some people take their health for granted they don’t notice how it can affect them in the future, but others don’t even stop and think about their vision. Vision is one of the most important parts in your body. Without being able to see you wouldn’t see the most wonderful things in the world. Teenagers care so much about their tv shows and their cell phones but without your vision you wouldn’t be able to watch tv nor text and use all those social networks. There is many ways you can test your vision. Eye problems increase due to age, reminding us to go make an appointment with the eye doctor.
Being able to see is a long process it goes through the anatomy of an eye. An eye can only capture information that has already been processed by the brain, but can also receive information by a reflecting light. Once the reflected light entered the eye the internal surface has already been focussed, which is known as the retina. The light receptors process the light into electrical signals and transmit the signals to the brain along the optic nerve. When the brain has received the information from the optic nerve it will turn into an image. Cornea is a part of an eye that looks like a bulge at the front of the eye. Cornea gathers all the light and then it goes to the pupil. Pupil is a hole in the centre of the iris, depending on how much light there is the pupil can get bigger or smaller. The less light the bigger the pupil will get and the more light there is the pupil will get smaller.Once the light has already passed the pupil it goes through the crystalline lens, which is behind the iris.After the crystalline the light passes through the vitreous humour and finally the light comes to focus on the retina....

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...milies condition. In most conditions you can tell when your getting them either because your eyes aren’t comfortable or you are seeing blurry, but with this conditions it’s hard to tell if you have it because it doesn’t even hurt. So what you need to watch out for is flashes of light and the darkening of your peripheral. There is many ways that this condition can be tested. Usually they give you a dilating for your eyes once they receive the results it let them see if the retina is detached. It’s better if you get checked before so that they prevent the vision loss from the detached retina. There is many ways to treat a detached retina laser or freezing what this treatment does is that it can repair a tear in the retina only if it is checked early enough. Pneumatic retinopexy is another treatment that gets a gas bubble injected into the eye which presses the retina.

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