Essay on Vision Of For The Profession Of Nursing

Essay on Vision Of For The Profession Of Nursing

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Vision of for The Profession of Nursing in The Future with Migration of Technology
The nurse role is not one that will ever be explicitly defined or have clear boundaries in the way that a radiographer’s or a lab technician’s is. Upcoming technology in medical science is changing the practice of nursing in the coming future and increasing an accuracy of patient care. The transformation in the nursing profession having today we haven’t seen this before. However, this transformation will open many doors of opportunity and growth that influence the nursing profession. These changes will create a unique challenge in practice, education, and skills. However, the major factor which will affect a future of nursing practice is a transformation in information technology and medical technology. The decision we make today will define what role of nursing will be in future.
Nursing profession is becoming more complex than before. Now, healthcare is demanding who can think critically and advanced people. The changes require a professional nurse to have a core competency in critical thinking, communication, interprofessional collaboration, assessment, leadership, and technical skill, in addition to knowledge of health promotion and disease prevention, information technology, health system and public policy (Barbara & Susan, 2013). These skills are acceptable for few more years. But in this technical trend all nurse must have knowledge about information management system and excellent knowledge of technological tools, because all patients record is stored electronically and hospitals are keep updating their tools for acute results and patient safety. So, technical skills help to access all tools in health care and make ease on work.
In the mo...

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...tion about clinical settings and all kind of situations. This technique will prepare student for future challenges.
Migration of technologies will revolutionize the way of practice in nursing. So in the meanwhile, we have to be prepared for welcoming a new technology trend and it requires a new education system and excellent technological skills. The Future of Nursing suggested that it is nurses who will be called up to fill expanding roles and to master technological tools and information systems while collaborating and coordinating care across teams of health professionals (Huston, 2013). Migration of technology will definitely increase a job satisfaction of nursing in future but to provide high quality care; nurse should practice to the full extension of their education and training. So, don’t be a surprise when your smiling face in hospital belongs to technology.

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