Essay on Vision Impairment At A Tender Age

Essay on Vision Impairment At A Tender Age

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Vision impairment at a tender age usually lead to permanent loss of vision in an advanced age and timely intervention is important for proper vision development. The World Health Organization has a Vision 2020 program whose objective is one of eliminating blindness in children. Eye problems affect the children’s personal development, economic productivity, and education. One of the major disorders causing eye problems is Retinoblastoma.
Retinoblastoma has been categorized as one of the most common pediatric tumor of the eye that occurs before five years of age (Lohmann and Gallie). It causes a greater impact in developing countries than in developed countries due to inadequate resources, and insufficient educational support (Ava, Ahme and et, al.,). Globally approximately 9000 new cases of the condition are diagnosed annually (Weaver, Heminger and Lam). That translates to 1 in 15000 births. The cure rate in developed countries is above 90% while it is less than 50% in developing countries (Yun, Li and Xu). Studies from limited resource settings indicate that intraocular cancers may contribute up to 155 of all childhood tumors while in developing countries; it contributes only about 5%. In countries like Ghana and Congo, it is regarded as one of the three most common childhood cancers. It is the second most frequent in Mexico and the most frequent in northern Nigeria (Weaver, Heminger and Lam). The numbers are thought to be under-reported and so the cases could be more than documented.
There are several reasons that are attributed to the high rate of mortality associated with retinoblastoma. One there’s is a long delay period before the condition is reported. It is possible for the disease to progress without the primary car...

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...nderstanding of the potential beneficiaries, knowledgeable health care providers, and tackling the socio-demographic factors that hinder early reporting.
Programs should be developed to create community awareness pertaining to the early disease symptoms and the dangers pertaining to delays in seeking diagnosis and treatment. The frameworks that are developed should be case specific to ensure that they ate culturally relevant, agreeable with the locals, internal and external influences. They should integrate all agents of health including insurance coverage, collaboration among healthcare specialties, communities, families and parents. The programs should inspire and drive towards achievement of measurable health improvement outcomes. Each approach has its intrinsic strengths and weaknesses and hence should be developed to adapt to disease-specific situations.

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