Essay about Vision Correction: Leonardo Da Vinci experiments

Essay about Vision Correction: Leonardo Da Vinci experiments

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Before 1887, people relied on spectacles as their main source of vision correction. It is unknown when spectacles came to existence, however, the “oldest known lens were found in the ruins of ancient Nineveh” (Drewry, 2001). Spectacles were magnifying glasses, used to make objects appear larger than its actual size. Not only were spectacles magnifying glasses, they were also used by the Chinese to protect your eyes from evil forces (Drewry, 2001).
The majority of Europeans were self-conscious about wearing spectacles in public. Spectacles, on the other hand, were popular in Spain. All classes in Spain wore spectacles because it “made you look more important and dignified,” (Drewry, 2001). In the 1840’s, spectacles were worn as an accessory by both men and women throughout Europe.
Spectacles gave a person good vision if a person had a regular cornea and normal astigmatism. However, if a person had “corneal astigmatism or diseases and abnormalities of the cornea” the productivity of the spectacles were minimal (Siviglia, 2010). Little did people know that contact lenses would be developed and help individuals who did not have regular corneas and normal astigmatism.
Contact lenses were first introduced during the Renaissance by Leonardo Da Vinci. Da Vinci was interested in the human eye as well as the human body. His purpose for contact lenses was not to help a person with vision problems, instead, Da Vinci was looking for a way he could manipulate the cornea’s power (Swaby, 2011). Through Da Vinci’s experiment, placing his face into a bowl filled with water, he discovered that he was able to see clearly for the first time (Siviglia, 2010). Da Vinci then created a “contact lens with a funnel on one side so water can be poured in...

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