Visa Policy in the United Kindom Essay

Visa Policy in the United Kindom Essay

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Migrant policy in UK

Due to the historical background, which in particular the British Empire colonized the territories such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, South Africa and Hong Kong, the immigration policy to the United Kingdom under its national law has become substantial since the early 19th centuries. Other immigrants which are asylum seekers alike have also contributed to the increased number of immigration in United Kingdom.

Although this country has granted immigrants for centuries, and it has traditionally been a net exported or people, while the United Kingdom only become a country of immigration from the mid-1980s. During the past few years, there are numbers of applicants asking for British citizenship, which the largest groups among them were people from India, Pakistan, Somalia and the Philippines. Since the year 2004, the immigration levels have boosted by notable wave of mobility from Eastern European counties, especially the citizens from Poland where the free movement and labor rights followed in term of European Union enlargement. In the context of the increased immigrants, the policymakers of the United Kingdom have attempted to draw up policies to manage migration, such as making new institutional arrangements or implementing a point-based system for migration. Meanwhile, policymakers have to face a set of challenges, from securing the national borders and convincing the public that the government is in control to meeting labor market needs and accelerating immigrant integration.

Since the Labor party came into power in 1997, migration policy was becoming economic based. Thus the direction of the immigrant policy combined with a commitment to economic migration at one hand and development of a se...

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...till remain subject to change which could lead either a decrease or increase of cultural diversity in the longer term.


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