Virtues Are Desirable Tendencies That Illustrate High Moral Standards Essay

Virtues Are Desirable Tendencies That Illustrate High Moral Standards Essay

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Virtues are desirable tendencies that illustrate high moral standards. These tendencies are directly related to engineering and define if an engineer is considered virtuous. Aristotle, the founder of virtue ethics, defined how an individual is considered virtuous based on the concepts of eudaimonia, arête, and telos. Secondly, Aristotle explained that virtues can be broken into character and thought virtues. These two categories of virtues help organize the different types of virtue characteristics. For example, some virtues of engineering that will help flourish an engineer in their career are honesty, creativity, and determination.

One of Aristotle’s best-known works was Nicomachean ethics, or better known as virtue ethics. Aristotle explained if an individual were to live a virtuous life, then that individual is living a happy life. Therefore, virtue ethics focuses on happiness and the way to reach the highest level of happiness for an individual. Within Aristotle’s ethical theory, he focuses on three key terms: eudaimonia, arête, and telos. Eudaimonia refers to the highest level of good or happiness an individual can be reached. Additionally, Aristotle states that eudaimonia is acquired through moral goodness as well as reached through the practice of virtue or arête. Arête is the skill or characteristic that allows an individual to be led towards the desired goal or telos of the situation. Lastly, telos is the ultimate purpose or goal one is trying to obtain. Telos defines how an individual knows they have reached or obtained eudaimonia. These three key terms are the foundation for Aristotle’s virtue ethics theory.

In addition, virtue ethics refers to virtues of thought and character. Aristotle 's two theories are the sta...

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...a student has a difficult time understanding their engineering economics class and continues to push himself to grasp the material, it is a sign that he has determination. One can continue to develop their determination skills over the course of their career by the projects they work on. Some projects an engineer will be assigned will not be easy and may be extremely complex, but these projects allow the student the opportunity to enhance their determination.

Overall, virtue ethics is extremely important for all engineering disciplines. Virtues are the foundation of an engineer’s character and define if an engineering is virtuous. Honesty, creativity, determination is a couple of virtues that will allow an engineer to flourish over his career. The more an engineer recognizes the importance of practicing virtue ethics, the more one achieves happiness and fulfillment.

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