Essay on Virtual Sales Account Manager For Cisco

Essay on Virtual Sales Account Manager For Cisco

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While doing some research, I came across a position for a Virtual Sales Account Manager for Cisco. The main location is in Raleigh, NC and requires a lot of experience to obtain the job. Some roles and responsibilities need to get the job include, building and striving new opportunities with the Cisco partners to drive sales. The knowledge to keep detail and time managed records of document activities in Also, you’ll need to know VPAM, VSAM, and VSS within the first year of your role, due to these programs being a huge job task for your position.
This position is a lot different than someone who is looking to be a virtual employee, because your task load is completely different. As stated above, managers have a lot to know to complete their job, and most employee positions just require general basics of sales, or general knowledge of the tasks they will be competing. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of tasks that employees need to do, but when looking at the big picture, managers will be competing the bigger tasks that take experience.
When hiring virtual teams located in different time zones, you will always run into advantages and disadvantages. Some advantages with having virtual teams consist is cost savings. Cost savings is huge when you have virtual teams, because it prevents you from buying property, maintenance costs, technology upgrades, and utility bills when owing your own facility. Another great thing about virtual teams, is expanding the market to new regions and possibly new countries. Furthermore, the virtual team can work on projects all day, because there’ll be a team working on the project in different time zones and countries, making it a more productive assignment. Then again, there are a...

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... for individual team members, ensure adequate knowledge and skill of the employee, and setting standards for team objectives. If managers follow these five steps, they will strive with success and meet their yearly goals. Then again, this is easier said than done. Managers will need to study communication barriers by figuring out time zones and possibly invest into software that allows translation with conversation. Another important job that managers will need to complete is building a trust with their employees, but before the manager even attempts to build this trust, they will need to hire individuals with the knowledge and skills need to complete the daily tasks. Once a team has been established, managers can begin setting up individual team objectives and standards. With all of these points being meet, succession is going to be an easy outcome for any manager.

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