Essay on Virtual Reality And Artificial Life

Essay on Virtual Reality And Artificial Life

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Virtual Reality and Artificial life
Rush, in New Media and Paul, in Digital Art, both discuss the use of advance technology in the art world, from creating works using artificial intelligence to creating a virtual reality for the audience to be immersed into. After reading about projects such as If, Then created by Kenneth Feingold in 2001 or Giver of Names by David Rokeby, 1991-today viewers are left to question what the line is between technology and art. Where does one aspect end and the other begin, or does such a line exist anymore? Some may even argue that society has reached the point where one does not exist without the other.
If a viewer looks at the piece Giver of Names (1991-present) they are likely to see the artistic aspect at first. The person is able to take the pieces and arrange them on the pedestal how they please; the shadows shown on the wall behind them all give the piece its artistic aesthetic. Once the pieces are arranged the computer will scan them and perform a search of the words program into its system based on what it has seen to make sense of what the ...

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