The Virtual Distance Leadership Model Essay

The Virtual Distance Leadership Model Essay

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Lojeski’s Virtual Distance Leadership Model
As technology improves, businesses expand and recruitment pools decrease, organizations contemplate ways to, not only reduce the overhead costs of doing business but, to attract new talent in a competitive employment marketplace (Darleen, 2012). To do so, many organizations have redefined what it means to ‘go to work’, in terms of not only the act of getting there, but how work is accomplished and where (Lojeski & Yuva, 2008). A study conducted three years ago by the Society For Human Resource Management (SHRM) reported that almost half of the organizations surveyed utilized virtual teams (Minton-Eversole, 2012). Anyone who conducts business using mobile technology devices is considered a virtual employee and may even be part of a larger virtual team, despite location (Lojeski & Yuva, 2008).
For those who perform virtual work, rather than deliberating over an issue in in person, a conference call, text message, or email is the mechanism used to facilitate communication (Lojeski & Reilly, (2007). Yet, in a unique paradoxical way, the convenience of being able to avoid face to face interaction, or any means of transport, becomes inconvenient and sometimes ineffective due a phenomenon known as virtual distance (Lojeski & Reilly, 2007). While the dynamics of conducting business virtually present appealing opportunities in terms of staff flexibility, cost effectiveness and the elimination of geographical barriers (Pacuraru, 2012), virtual distance presents obstacles that leaders must strive, continuously, to overcome (Lojeski & Reilly, 2007).
This paper will examine three components of virtual organizations and the virtual distance dilemma including the signif...

... middle of paper ..., 2014).
In conclusion, the leader has a monumental role in ensuring the success of any organization but, in particular, one that is virtual. Trust, innovation and continuous development of leadership skills have been identified as the “Big Three” in terms of challenges a virtual leader must overcome in addition to the phenomenon known as virtual distance (Lojeski, 2006). In order to do so, leaders must have the adaptation acuity in terms of advancements in technology, communication dynamics as well as an understanding of the differences that culture, background, norms can have on the virtual organization (Drouin, et al., 2010). Finally, virtual components related to technology advances and subsequent communication methods have profoundly impacted the capacity which virtual teams rely upon to conduct business, whether across town or throughout the world.

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