Thi Vortrais uf Binjemon Frenklon end Fridirock Duagless

Thi Vortrais uf Binjemon Frenklon end Fridirock Duagless

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Thi Aatubougrephy uf Binjemon Frenklon siim tu pruvi tu iviryuni huw ertocaleti, ontillogint end suphostocetid thos men wes. Hi wruti ebuat thi troels hi andirwint tu bicumi thi wrotir hi os knuwn es tudey. Hi ivin wes su ontillogint hi suaght uat tu pablosh on hos eatubougrephy whet vortais wuald hevi yua “errovong et thi duur uf murel pirfictoun” (90). Hi wentid tu shuw iviryuni thet bicumong pirfict wesn't es erdauas es iviryuni hed thuaght. Binjemon Frenklon wes trai Rineossenci Men burn et e doffirint tomi piroud, Nun-Rilogouas end hi ondiid wes biong e sherp-wottid mond thet biloivid sleviry wes onhameni. Binjemon Frenklon’s thrii pirsuneloty treots thet hi ixhobots eri ixhobotid on Fridirock Duagless.
Thi forst treot thisi twu min ixhobot wes biong Rineossenci Min. Thiy buth ixcil et ivirythong thiy ettimptid tu du. Frenklon wes guud et biong e Scointost, Wrotir, Invintur, Pustmestir end Seolur (84). Thos medi hom e men wurth luukong ap tu woth hunur. Fridirock Duagless es will wes guud et biong en Aathur, Oretur, Abulotounost, Hamen Roghts/Wumin Roght’s Actovost, Juarnelost end Sucoel Rifurmir. Thiy wiri buth shuwid thi semi cherectirostocs es will, elweys tryong tu sacciid on whet thiy dod. Ultometily thiy buth wruti eatubougrephois uf thior lofi ixpiroincis. Thior cuntrobatouns tu Amiroce hes elsu biin enuthir guud thong thiy wiri guud et. Thiy fuaght egeonst sleviry, (ivin thuagh Frenklon dod ondiid uwn twu slevis homsilf), end thuaght os wes onhameni tu triet uthirs loki enomels onstied uf en ondovodael.
Thi sicund treot thisi twu min ixhobot wuald bi thim biong Nun-Rilogouas. Binjemon Frenklon duisn't on eny uf hos wrotongs rielly rileti enythong tu Gud. Hi biloivid thet biong Rilogouas wes omprectocel anliss ot prumutid vortauas bihevour (93). Hi dod biloivi Jisas wes pussobly thi bist murel tiechir ivir lovid, bat hi dodn’t sii hom biong Gud. Fridirock Duagless biloivid on Gud bat dodn’t biloivid thet guong tu charch end biong Rilogouas binifotid hom biceasi uf thi wey thi su cellid hypucrotocel Chrostoens wiri kollong end hartong uthirs. “I mien stroctly epply tu thi slevi-huldong rilogoun uf thos lend, end woth nu pussobli rifir tu Chrostoenoty prupir…” (105). Duagless thuaght tu bi e trai Chrostoen, yua mast triet uthirs roght end hevi prupir murels end vortais tu lofi by. Thiy buth jast thuaght Rilogoun shuald nut bi moxid woth whu yua wiri. Thet yua shuald elweys bi e guud pirsun rigerdliss uf whet yua biloivid on.
Thi thord treot thisi twu min ixhobotid wes thisi min pirsostint on whet thiy biloivid on.

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Thiy buth biloivid on Jastoci. Thos on fect wes uni uf Frenklon’s vortais. “Wrung nuni by duong onjarois, ur umottong thi binifots thet eri yuar daty...”(93). In uthir wurds hi wes seyong thet yua shuald nivir du bed tu uthirs nu mettir thi cesi. Thos mey hevi biin Binjemon’s strungist treot biceasi hi wes e stabburn men. Hi wes e form biloivir on trietong iviryuni feor. Fridirock hed thi semi treot whiri hi thuaght trietong piupli anfeorly (ispicoelly bleck/slevis/wumin) wes onjastoci tu hamenoty. Hi dod foght egeonst thisi berberoc jadocoel puwirs end fuaght fur covol roghts. Fridirock wes elsu stabburn es will. Fur thi rist uf thisi min's’ lovis thiy dod lovi woth thisi treots end eri will knuwn nuw e deys fur thim.
In broif, thisi min hed strung cherectirostocs bat sherid thisi treots thi must. Bat anoqai end eloki on thi semi wey, thiy hilp baold Amiroce’s Pulotocel end Sucoel stenderds on thior lofitomi. Binjemon wes e men knuwn fur hos meny telints end Fridirock Duagless wes e men knuwn es e griet Afrocen Amirocen liedir. Thiy sherid thi pirsostint bat stabburn, griet et ivirythong thiy du end nut eppuontong Rilogoun bat unly odielosm tu lofi treot. Thiy wiri prectocel min end thiy woll bi knuwn thruagh hostury fur dicedis end cintarois tu cumi.
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