Virginity And Double Standards Associated With Males And Females Essay

Virginity And Double Standards Associated With Males And Females Essay

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Virginity and Double Standards Associated with Males and Females
The following paper will talk about virginity and factors that affect the way people view it. This paper will also be talking about the different ways culture and religion can change how young people -by young people it is referring to late adolescences and early adulthood- think about the loss of virginity. Another important topic touched is how double standards can create certain stigmas that are associated with males and females.
Merriam-Webster Online defines virginity as the state of never having had sexual intercourse: the state of being a virgin. For some people this definition may vary depending on their concept of sex, due to the fact that sex can be oral, anal, mutual masturbation, penile-vaginal and many other ways. In North America, when speaking about virginity lost people often associate it with heterosexual intercourse (Humphreys, 2013), which means that people think of penile-vaginal intercourse. The term virginity is used for both males and females. For both genders, virginity can mean different things because of culture, religion as well as other factors.
According to Eriksson and Humphreys (2014), Laura Carpenter was the first to investigate cognitive representations of virginity loss and how their meanings are linked with culture. Carpenter conducted qualitative interviews 61 individuals from a variety of cultural backgrounds in the United States. The individuals that participated were asked questions related to their first sexual penile-vaginal intercourse experience. Afterwards conducting a thematic analysis on the resulting transcripts, Carpenter formulate her frameworks which consist of three cognitive frameworks.
In her framework,...

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...on & Humphreys, 2014). Men reported feeling more embarrassed and guilty about being virgins, and they attribute their virginity due to the unwillingness of their partners to engage in sexual intercourse.
According to Sawyer and Smith (1996) as well as Guggino and Ponzetti (1997), men are more likely to have an orgasm during their first coitus, while women tend be less likely to feel pleasure, satisfaction, and excitement than men. Women tend to fell more sadness, guilt, nervousness, embarrassment and regret (as cited in Eriksson & Humphreys, 2014).
To conclude, virginity is without a doubt an important part of human sexuality. When double standards are forced on people and stigmas come forward unfortunately no one get to enjoy their sexuality to the fullest. Stigmas both for male and females are without a doubt not important and a waste of time and energy on people.

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