Essay on The Virginia Gubernatorial Issues

Essay on The Virginia Gubernatorial Issues

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Today, I will be telling you about the views of all three governor candidates, Ken Cuccinelli, Robert Sarvis, and Terry McAuliffe, on three major topics that are argued throughout the United States daily. Abortion, Marriage, and The Death Penalty are three topics that I have chosen to write about. These three things interest me and have me curious as to why these candidates believe what they do, and why they do not believe in the views of the other candidates. These things leaders discuss everyday but never find a common ground on, some are for them and some are against them. This is why I have done my research and found evidence and quotes of which candidates support which ideas. I also will be telling you my views on these three topics and why I support, or do not support these things that go on in our country today. I am not saying I am right nor am I saying they are right, everyone has the right to their own opinions no matter their belief. Although my goal in this paper is to hopefully explain my views well enough to where you will understand why I believe this way and why I feel it is the best way to believe.
My first issue is Abortion. Personally I feel that abortion is wrong. Based on my Christian beliefs it goes against them, in the Bible it states in the Ten Commandments “Thou shall not kill.” Approximately 12 - 18 days after a baby is conceived it has a heartbeat, and anything with a heartbeat is a living thing. To stop that heartbeat, or to take that life away, is murder. I understand some people do not feel fit enough to be a parent, but that is why there is the option of adoption. Also, I understand that there are cases of rape and incest in which a girl feels like she has to get an abortion. Yes, rape is a ter...

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