The Virginia Colony And Puritan New England Essay

The Virginia Colony And Puritan New England Essay

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While the individuals in the Virginia colony and Puritan New England immigrated from the same country, they both shared unique differences while maintaining some similarities. The Virginia colony provided a large source of tobacco after John Rolf was able to plant some seeds that he took from Spain. Around this time period, John Winthrop and a group of Puritans settled north of Jamestown in order to escape religious tensions in England. Puritan New England had a large emphasis on religion, while the Virginia colony was primarily focused on economic gains from cash crops, like tobacco. Furthermore, both of these locations had a form of representative government, in which land owning males could vote.

Taking into consideration that Puritan New England was founded on Puritan beliefs, it is considerably more focused on religion than the Virginia colony because the Virginia colony was founded for the purpose of economic gains. Virginian society primarily focused on growing cash crops and dealing with trade, however, religion was still important. In Virginia, attendance at Sunday Mass was mandatory, however, beyond that religion did not play as much of a role in society compared to the Puritans. In Puritan society, God dominated the ideas of the citizens at virtually every moment of their life. According to John Winthrop, he envisioned the Massachusetts Bay colony to be a “City Upon a Hill”. When Winthrop said this, he was trying to say that the colony would serve as a model to others around the world of what a great city should be and the idea that God would have a central role in everyday life.

In Puritan New England, the farmers were mainly focused on yeoman farming, in which they only farm enough crop to support...

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...sentation is referred to as direct representation because the people themselves are voting, while in Virginia, the House of Burgesses was and elected body that was intended to support the constituents.
To conclude, Puritan New England and the Virginia colony had few similarities, but they had many contrasts. Religion played an extremely large role in Puritan society, but not as much of on in Virginia. Also, many farmers in Puritan society were yeoman farms, while most of the farmers in Virginia were part of a plantation elite that had many indentured servants, and later on chattel slavery. Furthermore, both of these colonies had a form of representative government where land owning males had the right to vote, however, town meetings in Puritan society were a form of direct representation, while the House of Burgess in Virginia was an elected representative body.

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