Violent Video Games Effects On Children And Adolescents

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Violent video games have become more realistic every year. Children spend about 40 hours seated in front of a screen killing cartoon characters. It has been debated whether minors under the age of 18 should play violent video games that contain physical harm, killing, and sexual assault. In the contrary, people say video games increases the capacity of learning of children, but violent video games cause great damages. Although there are an increase learning skills playing video games, violent video games should be prohibited to minors because it changes an individual behavior, physical, and brain. Children and adolescents that play violent video games undergo through aggressive behavior. The violent activity in the video games influence minors to act the same way with other individuals in the school or home. In the book “Violent Video Games Effects on Children and Adolescents: Theory, Research, and Public Policy” by Anderson, Gentile, and Buckley, an experiment was made in two children from second grade. One child was assigned to play a violent video game and the other child a non-violent game for about 15 minutes, however, the violent video game player showed a higher physical aggressive behavior condition (11.75) than the non-violent player condition (5.25) (33). Children start to act rebellious at home such as screaming, breaking objects, and even causing physical harm. However, when the minor encounters an argument with an individual they can physically harm or kill the individual. Such as, the massacre in high schools, the students that are bullied, plan to get back at the people by using violent actions. In other words the massacre shooting in West Paducah, Kentucky, and Littleton, Colorado, the high school students gaine... ... middle of paper ... ...elops censorious thinking in the body system. Children exposed to violent video games will have trouble building a healthy brain. Violent video games will develop a child brain to be aggressive and think violently towards any situation that they find offended. In conclusion, violent video games have been successfully sold to minors for their creativity graphics. It has been an issue that minors expose to the violence in the video games has affected the child aggressively. Parents may assume video games can help their children way of learning, but it changes them hostile and dangerous. It has been experimented to see the effectiveness of violence contain in the video games on humans. Even though violent video games can help develop skills, violent video games should be banned minors under the age of 18 because it affects the actions, physiological, and the cerebrum.
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