Violent Video Games: Beneficial or Detrimental? Essay

Violent Video Games: Beneficial or Detrimental? Essay

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Violent media is impossible to avoid in our everyday lives. Violence comes in many popular forms of entertainment including movies, books, video games, etc. Is it really okay for kids to be exposed to this type of violence or is it decreasing their intellect? Violent media can be a vital factor in regards to a kid’s intellect. I agree with both Jones and Graff’s claims that there is always an opportunity to improve/advance your intellect by engaging in activities you enjoy.
In Gerard Jones’ “Violent Media Is Good for Kids,” he emphasizes that violent media is healthy and beneficial for children while making reference to his own life. Jones’ English teacher parents kept him sheltered most of his life believing that violence was wrong (Jones 372). In school, he lived the life of “the loner” because he was shy, timid, and was not allowed have the same interests as his peers, due to his strict upbringing (Jones 372). To his surprise, Jones discovered Marvel Comics and identified with the character, the Incredible Hulk, who mirrored his fantasy self (Jones 373).
Jones insists that comic book violence has helped him develop into a stronger individual, inspired him to become a writer, and led him to a path full of success. Jones states “I followed him to new friends—other sensitive geeks chasing their own inner brutes—and I followed him to the arrogant, self-exposing, self-assertive, superheroic decision to become a writer” (Jones 373). The nature of Jones’ statement is that the Incredible Hulk inspired him to move on to bigger and better things, making him find himself and blossom into a butterfly from a caterpillar. The Incredible Hulk gave him confidence that allowed him to explore a deeper side of himself that he had never s...

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...ether or not violent media is good for children. Violence has the potential of bringing children out of their shell and helping them grow as an individual. Everyone is learning each day whether they realize it or not. It is possible for video games to give you confidence to achieve positive outcomes in your life, but it is also possible for video games to bring out violent tendencies. In the end, whether street smarts or violent media are the way to improve intellectualism and shape our youth - that is for you to decide.

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