Violent Video Games Affect a Person's Behavior Essay

Violent Video Games Affect a Person's Behavior Essay

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Do violent video games affect a persons behavior? Why are so many children hooked on violent video games? What do violent video games do to someones mind? Yes, the answer that everybody is looking for is staring us right in the face, yes violent video games makes a person more violent. Do you know video game developers spend millions of dollars developing violent video games and advertising these violent video games. All the money that goes into developing video games have something to do with making the games more addicting. Violent video games desensitizes violence in a childs mind. The answer is simple, violent video games makes a person violent. Exposing children to violent video games will train the child's mind for doing violent actions being done in the game. Mass homicides are linked to violent video games. Many studies show violent video games make a person behavior more aggressive.
Exposing someone to violent video games will train the person for doing violent actions that are shown in violent games. Grossman is a writer of two books on video game violence and thinks that video game is a major cause for violent teen behavior. On 1997 in a Paducah, Kentucky high school shoot out a 14 year boy shot eight people and five where headshots. This was believed to be a effect of the teen playing first person shooter games. The FBI say that trained law enforcement officers only land one out of five shots and this boy had no past experience shooting except for in the game. “Exposing children and adolescents (or "youth") to violent visual media increases the likelihood that they will engage in physical aggression against another person,” said expert Craig A. Anderson. Exposure to violent video games can cause a child to learn the...

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"Violent video games create unhealthy emotions." Washington Times [Washington, DC] 1 May 2013: C05. Opposing Viewpoints in Context. Web. 2 Apr. 2014.

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