Essay on Violent Shootings And Gun Homicides

Essay on Violent Shootings And Gun Homicides

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Twenty-first century America is experiencing a higher rate of shootings, gun related homicides, and the murder of innocent lives than ever before. Crimes like these happen in a variety of ways, but mass shootings and gun homicides are the two main ways these occur. Oldham defines a mass shooting as an incident where 4 or more individuals are killed or wounded (1). These killings occur throughout society in places that should be safe such as schools, movie theaters, and night clubs. Throughout the 372 that occurred in 2015, 475 individuals were killed and 1,870 more were injured (Oldham 1). These numbers are way too high. If nothing is done to change this, they will continue to rise and eventually the United States will become a country where people will never feel safe even in their own home. If citizens cannot feel safe in their own homes, America will have lost everything it stands for. Fortunately, there are ways this can be combated in order to increase security and safety in the US. In the interest of a safer country, The United States Congress should limit gun control because the right to own guns is a constitutional right, guns could contribute to more personal protection, and gun ownership would decrease the number of mass shootings in society.
With more guns in society, mass shootings and gun violence could be less likely to occur due to more citizens having the capability of preventing the crime and providing themselves with personal protection. This is a main reason why gun control should be very restricted. In the world today, especially in the United State, violence is too common and crimes are too easy to commit which is why it in unfair to force law abiding citizens to be forced into trusting others to no...

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...l can be rejected with evidence or the Supreme Court ruling.
Due to constitutional rights and the right to personal protection, the United State Congress should limit gun control to help create a better America. Opponents of gun rights believe that the second amendment should be revised because it was written in a different time period. Those same people also believe that guns should not be prevalent in society because it could increase violence rates. However, it was ruled a few years ago that the second amendment does give citizens the right to carry. In addition to that, studies and scholars both say that law abiding citizens should maintain the right to own guns for personal protection. They also show that this could help limit the amount of mass shootings in America. Due to these reasons, the United States Congress should limit gun control and expand gun rights.

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