Violent Offenders Think Differently Than Normal People ' Critically Evaluate This Statement

Violent Offenders Think Differently Than Normal People ' Critically Evaluate This Statement

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‘’Violent offenders think differently than normal people’’ Critically evaluate this statement.
Aggression is a global issue which has existed since the dawn of time. It is a natural function of human expression (Blackburn: 1993, Bowes & McMurran: 2013). It is the subsequent product of some aggression; violence which is of concern on a variety of domains.
Many academics strive to find out why people commit violent crimes and what cognitive thought processes drive them to commit such offences; academics also highlight that there is a lack of coherent evidence which explains who some people engage in violent offending and some individuals don’t (Bennett, Farrington & Huesmann: 2004, Blackburn: 1993, Bowes & McMurran: 2013, Chermack & Giancola: 1997, Dodge: 1986, Howitt: 2015, Raine: 2002, Walters & DeLisi: 2013, Wilkowski & Robinson: 2011).
The term ‘violent crime’ consists of a broad umbrella of several types of crimes, these can range from assault to drug/ alcohol related offences (Blackburn: 1993, Butler: 2015, Chermack & Giancola: 1997, Raine: 2002). Due to the broad spectrum of crimes which are included within the ‘violent crime’ umbrella, violent crimes cannot be equally comparable when it comes to potential explanations of violent crime (Butler: 2015). There is no known cause for violence, it occurs due to a complex relationship of contributory components which all in turn, impact how a person behaves respectively (Bowes & McMurran: 2013).
Dodge (1986) developed theories concerning violence and violent crime and so, coined two main types of violence; the first is ‘instrumental violence’ which is crime which is carried out to serve a purpose, this includes violence in the pursuit of material goals, violence in pursuit of soci...

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...gressive behaviours (Chermack & Giancola: 1997).
The impact of mental health disorders is that they can dramatically change mental processes and reconfigures information processing which id vital in determining a person’s behaviour (McCoy, Rover & Sharkey: 2015). It has been suggested that the effect of a mental health disorder on an individual changes the ways in which the individual engages and disengages from their own social environments (McCoy, Rover & Sharkey: 2015).
A study carried out by Steck (1998) showed that spouse murderers were more likely to have a history with mental health disorders, psychopathy and social disengagement. This could prove to be a common link towards the understanding how a violent individual thinks as their mental processes have been changed to some biological degree and determines how a person behaves (McCoy, Rover & Sharkey: 2015).

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