Violent Media Is Good For Kids

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Throughout a child’s life it is taught to be ok to be around violent media. A child is taught to grow up in a world with violence going on everyday in order to become immune to it. From a young age children are taught to be users of the world. Becoming users in the world causes children to lose their sense of wonder and imagination, becoming almost robotic tin the sense that imagination is not needed in the world in order to function. The notion that children are merely “users” and “owners” of property, as opposed to “Creators” in Roland Barthes’ article: “Toys” is fully supported in Gerard Jones’s article:” Violent Media is good for kids” by Virtue of its stance that comics, TV shows, music and video games cause children to grow up not being able to think on their own, and use their own imagination in order to become creators. Creativity is lost through media, which has expanded widely and reaches everyone in the world causing children to have quick and easy access to TV Shows with graphic violence. These TV shows influence children even if they seem harmless to some, it causes the sense of their own imagination to be lost. Jones brings up his own child and states “I have watched my son living the same story- transforming himself into a bloodthirsty dinosaur to embolden himself for the plunge into preschool, a power ranger to muscle through a social competition in kindergarten. “ (Jones 29) Jones shows that in order for his child to be socially accepted into his kindergarten class he had to show dominance. He had to become that Power Ranger loving child, in order for him to beat all the other children in a “social competition”. This quotation shows that what Barthes argues is correct; the violent media in video games has caused c... ... middle of paper ... ...ead of being creators and thinking for themselves. Children are becoming immersed in video games causing them to be part of a fantasy world and becoming mere users of these worlds instead of using their own imagination towards creating these worlds. The graphic violence and destruction shown in video games, causes children to believe that they can become a part of this so-called virtual reality. They start believing that the video game world is their own. This gives them false hope and leads them into believing that they can find their own selfhood in these worlds, as Jones states “ Children need violent entertainment in order to explore the inescapable feeling that they’ve taught to deny, and to reintegrate those feelings that they’ve ben taught to den, and to reintegrate those feelings into more whole, more complex, more resilient selfhood.” (Jones 29)

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