Essay on Violent Media And Its Effect On Children

Essay on Violent Media And Its Effect On Children

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Violent Media and its Effect on Children
Over the last decade or so society has watched the news media cover horrific stories about young adults committing unspeakable acts of violence against innocent human beings. News sources have made claims that violent movies, television shows and video games are the primary cause of such violent behavior in children and young adults. Children these days are spending more time watching unsupervised media via television, personal devices, and video games than they are in school or with their families. Repeated exposure to violent media is dangerous and menacing to children’s health.
Even though parents, family members, and teachers repeatedly educate children that it is not ok to kick or hit others, children are constantly being exposed to glorified acts of violence against others via television, movies and video games. The entertainment business is here to stay and in fact it is easier than ever for children to be exposed to media via personal hand held devices. I am not claiming that violence in the media is the exact cause of violent behavior in children and young adults. Violent media is, however promoting and elevating aggressive acts of behavior such as fighting, rape, stealing, bullying and ownership of weapons. Young children are very impressionable, especially by famous actors or cartoon characters they idolize. As a society we must educate ourselves on what exactly violence is in the media and what is a healthy amount of time for children and teens to spend watching such media so that we can decrease the likelihood of aggressive behavior toward others.
Media violence according to Huesmann is “visual portrayals of acts of physical aggression by one human or human-like character a...

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...ined amount of viewing, children are talking less with their families, getting less physical exercise and are less social with their peers.
Children learn by example, parents can preach all day to their kids but their actions are what speak out to children the most. Due to the high amount of calculated exposure to media, children are being parented by television. With the statistics stating media is full of violence and aggression toward others, than children are going to correlate using aggression and violence to solve problems that may arise in everyday situations. According to the American Psychiatric Association, “children as young as 14 months imitate the violent behavior they see on TV” (Muscari, 2002). Children also have a hard time separating facts and fantasy that is portrayed on the television. Preschoolers are unable to discern the difference at all and

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