Violent Gang : The Mighty Vice Lords Essay

Violent Gang : The Mighty Vice Lords Essay

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This book was about a street gang called the Mighty Vice Lords. They were the second largest gang in Chicago with about 30,000 members. The Vice Lords started in the Illinois Training center (Juvenile Correctional Facility) for boys in St. Charles Illinois during 1958 and was led by Edward “Pepalo” Perry and Alfonso Alfred. This group was known to be brutal and violent. It discussed how a violent gang can become a community organization and change the way things were done for the betterment of the community. This information is important because it showed that gangs can become a positive force.
This story talks about how Edward Perry and Alfonso led the gang, and why kids wanted to be a part of it. It also focuses on Bobby Gore and David Dawley coming together to change the Mighty Vice Lords into a political organization.
When the Vice Lords started getting out of the Juvenile Correctional Facility, they started recruiting other kids from within their neighborhoods and getting involved in conflicts with other gangs in different areas of Chicago. The neighborhoods lived in fear of the Vice Lords due to robberies that took place there. The people in this neighborhood were terrorized by murder and other criminal activities. Schmalleger, Frank (2015) Criminal Justice, Chapter 2 page 41.
The kids became gang members for many reasons. Some needed to find what their place was in the world, and they needed to know who they were as human beings. Joining the gang gave them a feeling of being involved in something and made them feel better about themselves. They felt that as a gang member they received the attention, emotional support, and understanding that they couldn’t get from their actual family members at home.
The Vice Lords...

... middle of paper ... to these young people. We need to take the time out to sit down and listen to them to find out what is on their mind. We as adults need to find out what resources are available for us to use, so that we can put together after school programs, social clubs, social events, recreational programs as well as businesses to create jobs for our youth and adults as well.
The weakness of this book is when it talks about how and why the kids decided to become members of the gangs. Another weakness to me, is when it talked about how they terrorized their own communities. The strength part of the book is when they decided to change their image from bad to good and when they started building new jobs, recreational programs, and etc.
I agree with the author premise because even though there are gangs around today, with the right leaders, things can change for the better.

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