Violent Crimes By Minors : A Case Of Massive School Shootings Essay example

Violent Crimes By Minors : A Case Of Massive School Shootings Essay example

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Fundamentally, with the increase of serious violent crimes by minors, it is essential, that parents be observant or look for flags that require intervention and treatment. Parents could really make a difference in their child’s life. Parents/Guardians may raise their child as they see fit; however, they may not raise their child without providing an education that will enable the child to function adequately and responsibly in society. In other words, parents do not have the right or the freedom to create a burden to society. Therefore, they should have the responsibility for the actions of their children. Currently, parental responsibility statutes state if a minor child commits other criminal acts such as, robbery, damaging property, driving tickets, and etc., parents are held responsible for their children’s actions. But in the case of a horrendous criminal act, such as, the case of massive school shootings, at the present time, parents are not held legally liable. In most of these cases, there were red flags that went unnoticed. Such as children hurting animals, or violent to other children at a young age. So, in cases where there are red flags and other questionable signs. The lack of appropriate intervention should be considered child neglect or criminal liability. As we continue to do investigations, law enforcement should consider parents who had warning signs equally culpable. By doing so, could possibly prevent tragedies like these mass murder or heinous crimes by minors. Yet, for many children, involved in serious criminal activity, habitually, there were opportunities to stop and prevent many of these criminal acts. First, the young shooters obtain the guns from their own home. Equally, ...

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...antly told friends they considered himself devil worshipers and report to have supreme evil power. Finally, Michael Carneal (Ritalin), age 14, weeks before the incident, Carneal stole a handgun from his parents ' room and attempted to sell it. A student took the gun, threatening to tell police if Carneal did not give it to him. Carneal had told the student that "something big is going to happen on Monday" but no one took him seriously. Frequently, there are signs that parents, teacher, and friends have observed and should stand as warning signs, such as the signal of the possibility of extreme violence; warning signs of depression, often signs of changes in mood or personality, drug or alcohol abuse, or a change in school performance. In all of these cases, there was obvious signs that these teenagers needed additional help or at the lease, adult intervention.

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