Essay on The Violence Of Youth Drug Abuse

Essay on The Violence Of Youth Drug Abuse

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Youth Drug Abuse
In 2014, an estimated 27.0 million aged 12 or older were current (past month) illicit drug users (Center for Behavioral Health Statistics and Quality 2015). This corresponds to 10.2 percent of the US population; meaning that 1 in 10 individuals in the United States has used illicit drugs a month prior to the 2014 National Survey on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH). Since late 1960s with the discovery of heroine, the numbers of drug users has been increasing rapidly. These days, the use of substances alone is estimated to cost Americans more than $600 billion each year. The use and abuse of illicit substance by youth has become a topic of heated debates as well as controversy causing experts to approach this issue from different perspectives. Even though trends suggest that youth drug abuse is an ongoing problem increasing in a fast rate over the past three decades, researchers would agree that reinforcing schools and parental boding as well as establishing programs to inform society about the risks associated with the use of substances is the appropriate solution to reduce the expansion of this epidemic.
The recent epidemic drug abuse in our society is due to the explosive increase in heroin addiction in late 1960, but it was in mid 1990s that the situation was aggravated. According to DuPont, this “increase is a reflection of the dramatic increases in the number of prescriptions, in particular for opioid analgesics, issued by physicians to treat pain” (128). Even though the ratio of current drug consumers is slowing down, research on this topic conducted by the NSDUH shows that there has been a significant increment in the population of drug users since 2002 and the numbers are alarmists (NSDUH 4). Based on...

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...ies play on drug abuse due to the fact that parents are the main promotors of pro-psychosocial behaviors which is responsible for keeping youth out of drug consumption. Others such as Scott E. Hadland et al, Carroll and Onken focus more on the barriers that youth encounter in their daily life. Thus they suggest that a better understanding of the barriers that this specific cohorts daily face leads to questioning the engagement and commitment of relatives, peers, treatment programs and addition assistance centers, which is less taken into account. In contrast to all other researchers, DuPont emphasizes that policies should be enforced to help reducing drug abuse, overdose deaths, and drugged driving. Despite all controversies, all experts agree that more research is needed for more efficient, targeted and effective reaction to the crescent epidemic of substance abuse.

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