The Violence Of The West Essay

The Violence Of The West Essay

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The west is known for its real Cowboys, wide open spaces, and the poor approach for those with mental illnesses. All over the region, people suffering from these diseases are pressured into silence by the majority’s mentality about being a true westerner. Within groups of adults, acceptance, both self and social, is hard to come by. The results are often devastating to those who are troubled. Because the mountain west internalizes being Cowboy tough, people need to learn more about mental illness, and the afflicted too often rely on self-sufficiency and experience the difficulty of going against culture.
The Cowboy ethics are a list of rules one must follow. They range from “take pride in your work” to “talk less and say more.” Though these seem relatively positive and unproblematic, it’s the overhanging thought that is wrong. People are taught to be their own hero, that they can get through life relying entirely on themselves. Toughness is said to be the most valuable attribute of a westerner. This is a problem. Health care does not lend itself to independence. Counting only on oneself may work when it comes to labor, but falls to disaster when a problem occurs that can’t be solved alone. Leaving behind the idea that everything can be solved through one person’s hard work is the way to achieve a culture that lifts those that are down.
The mindset of being tough will be difficult to change due to its followers refusing to be open to new knowledge. Individuals have to be willing to learn more about a topic instead of jumping to conclusions. Scott McCloud uses explanation is his comic “Blood in the Gutter.” He begins with the notion that readers may already have an idea of the content and storytelling of comics, but tries to pers...

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...means leaving the jail even though the principles of children teach otherwise. Being the person who will change the face of the culture is a trial, one that can’t be taken lightly. Standing out and pursuing health is a difficulty but also a necessity.
The outlook on mental illnesses is already a dim one all around the country. But, this negativity is ever more so magnified in the West with values that idealize independence and strength. In a society where differences and difficulties count as weaknesses, the plight of the ill is often one not heard about or seen. People are suffering in silence, afraid to speak out or call for help. The current state of things is inarguably disastrous; nonetheless, it has the ability to improve. With more education on the facts, people can start to be more accepting and change their ways. The tough mentality will only last so long.

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