The Violence Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

The Violence Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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In today’s society, there are innumerable opinions about whether or not violent media content encourages, or even causes, violent and criminal behavior in audience members. Theories about the relationship between violent media and violent persons has been studied and experimented on for decades, yet, the answer still eludes us. These theories prompt the question: How has the commercialization of the criminal justice system, through the news and television, affected violent crime in America? In order to investigate this inquiry, I have chosen three sources with varying viewpoints that will help analyze the situation at hand.
In Ray Surette’s (2012) study “Cause or catalyst: The interaction of real world crime methods and crime in the media,” Surette (2012) introduces the idea of copycat crimes. This phenomenon suggests that watching or learning about a specific crime can trigger an individual to commit the same act, or use the same criminal methods in a different crime (Surette, 2012). Surette’s (2012) study consisted of a survey given to 574 inmates of various races, criminal activity, and sentences. His study included both men and women, and was anonymous for all participants. Even though this research was conducted in the form of a survey, the lack of bias in the procedure, the lack of incentives for any answer given or not given on the survey, the anonymity of the participants, and the breadth of those surveyed allows this study to be considered a reliable resource. At the end of the study, Surette (2012) concluded that males commit copycat crimes at higher rates than females. He also concluded that high levels of audio-visual media consumption correlates with higher frequencies of copycat crimes.
Surette’s (2012) work w...

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... avoid crime. This perspective provides a rebuttal to the more popular belief that the media influences viewers to behave violently, aggressively, or criminally. Challenging this belief will allow me to write a more informed report and analyze my research question in greater depth.
Using these resources will allow me to accurately inform my audience about the relationship between media and violence and crime. These resources all represent different aspects of that relationship, and these different perspectives help create a more complete understanding of the issue at hand. The variety of the resources, primary, secondary, research, review, and article, will also help create a clearer picture of the relationship. Using these resources will add credibility and authority to my paper, and will allow me to write a paper that represents all sides of my research question.

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