The Violence of Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan Essay

The Violence of Terrorist Groups in Afghanistan Essay

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Violence has escalated to a record high in Afghanistan. About eight hundred and twenty U.S. soldiers have become thought to have died in Afghanistan in the past eight years, since the U.S. led invasion (Deadly 1). Soldiers dying in what the military officials call complex attacks (Deadly 1). The terrorists no longer care who they injure or kill. Small schoolchildren and innocent civilians have died without any sign of regret from the terrorist groups responsible for the deaths.
Some of the major attacks appear as signs that Iraqis’ security progress has begun to reverse (Kudhim & Reilly 2). If this happened I believe the U.S. would not come out of Afghanistan until much later than scheduled. Michael O’Hanlon, a senior man and Iraq expert said “There almost surely won’t be a complete reversal. But there could be an end to the progress and even a new, somewhat higher level of ongoing violence” (Kudhim & Reilly 2).
Although the number of bombing overall took a dive, the reported “suicide attacks around the country have become more technically sophisticated and have grown in ...

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