Essay on The Violence Of Police Shooting

Essay on The Violence Of Police Shooting

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Police shooting have received mass media attention as of lately. They may be the biggest things the news covers nowadays. So I’m going to address some of these police shootings, specifically the “racially based” ones, and describe how they could have been avoided, what went wrong, and how it can be deterred from happening again in the future.
I want to start out with the gross over-dramatization of the modern age media. Over-dramatization is used for many reasons in the media, mainly though to boost ratings. News channels know that the more they can make the American people feel unsafe, the more likely they will be to watch the news regularly (which then in turn boosts their ratings). It sounds harsh, but it is actually a very effective means for boosting ratings. One common way they do this is by taking a dramatic event like a police officer shooting a teenager, and mass publicize it to make it look that that’s what the norm is in that area. Although it has began to backfire, as people are beginning to get murdered because of this. Shooting by police officers seems to be the media’s target as of lately. They publicize anything they can about police shooting civilians because they know people want to hear about that stuff. It makes people feel like there is a “crime wave” of police shooting innocent civilians occurring. Unfortunately, this usually leads to gross misinterpretations of the events themselves, and can lead to mass social consequences.
Based off the annual crime reports issued through the FBI, it has been estimated that roughly .049% of all police contact resulted in complaints of excessive force. Once these cases were looked into, they found that only about .0039% of police contacts were complaints of excessive forc...

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...when it comes to explaining why people commit crime in the modern age. This theory assumes that people choose whether or not to commit crime after carefully calculating the possible rewards and risks. This is very applicable to the topic at hand, as many of these people are not suffering from any kind of delusions or psychosis.
Although this idea of excessive force by police officers is greatly over exaggerated through the mainstream media, it is still a problem that we need to take seriously. There’s always going to be bad eggs in any profession, we just have to make sure we can determine between the bad eggs and the justified officers. Understanding criminality and the application of it can give us a much better understanding of why these crimes might have occurred, what went wrong (if anything), and if deemed unacceptable, how they can be deterred in the future.

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