The Violence Of Black Males Essay

The Violence Of Black Males Essay

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As many people see in the news now a day that some police officer have been seen on television and videos that black males are being killed by white officers (males). But what people do not know is that there is news that is bias because the news will give you want they want the public to know or what will catch the public 's attention. And this is what makes the minority (race) upset because they think that officers are intending to kill black male. In contrast, what the police officer try to do on the daily basis is to make the street and the community a better place and they do not wake up in the morning thinking to themselves that they want to kill someone just for the heck of it. For example many people believe that there should be justice for Michael Brown, when the public do not know the whole side of the story that one he was in a gang and two he had felonies too. That in fact an officer got a description of a male that looked like him and Michael Brown acted in a defensive way. But what I am trying to say is that people should take the time to research the law because after all we the people make and change the law and what the officers does is that they imply the law to the citizens of America. This topic relates to my future career field and career-related courses too because I want to become a FBI agent and in order for me to do that I have to go into a police academy that will teach me everything I have to learn.

The ethical dilemma is that different people or race will think that police officers are waking up in the morning and think to themselves that they want to kill a black male or a Hispanic male. The opposite, officer’s wake up every morning thinking that they will not come home to their beloved family a...

... middle of paper ...

...n the line of duty
My point of view on this subject of matter is that the news should stop being biased towards that specific situation and that many of us citizens should take a class that teaches us the law because many of the people will hurt retaliate against for the wrong reason and it will only jeopardize the relationship between that officer and the community. But they should not only stop there they should also see the people they have for officers and how to train them better so they do not think that their only and last choice is to kill someone. Each one of these will obviously take time but it should be re-evaluated and to also be reconsidered on the table because no officer wants to kill anyone but there are people who will do anything to run away and get away with the crime they committed and if they have to kill an officer then they will do it.

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