Essay on The Violence Killing Making The Video Viral

Essay on The Violence Killing Making The Video Viral

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On July 5, 2016 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana a man by the name of Alton Sterling was shot dead by police officers in front of a convenience store. Alton was selling CD’s in front of the convenience store when a homeless man approached him begging for money. It is reported that Alton said no to the man’s request and showed the man a gun that he was carrying. Police were called to the scene when the homeless man reported that a man selling CD’s in front of a convenience store had just threatened him with a gun. Police arrived to the scene and it was there that Alton Sterling was shot dead within seconds of their arrival.
A few bystanders recorded the killing on their cell phones to upload it on the internet to show the injustice killing making the video viral. In the video you can clearly see two police officers using excessive force pinning the man down to the ground. The man isn’t resisting arrest, isn’t fighting back or anything, and suddenly one of the police officers grabs his gun and shoots Sterling several times in the head area.
After the video was posted on social media this caused huge outrage across America. A lot of people saying that he was targeted for the color of his skin, and some saying that the police handled the situation in the wrong way.

In my personal opinion I feel as though this is a case of police brutality. After watching the video several times I can’t find anything that Sterling was doing wrong. He got permission from the store owner to sell his CD’s in front of the store, he was not resisting arrest, and he was alleged to have a gun, but he did not seem to be any threat to the officers. So why was he shot? When officers are trained they are trained to kill, but only if they feel t...

... middle of paper ... and over again and there is still no change. We want to make our voices heard. Not just for Black people, but against police brutality in general, and anyone that has ever been racially targeted by a police officer.
My condolences are with the family of Alton Sterling. I hope that his case will continue to bring awareness to police brutality and that we as citizens of America will come together and realize that something is truly wrong within our justice system, and will work together to help solve this issue, so future generations do not have to deal with this as their reality.
We have come so far as a society, but we still have a lot of steps to keep taking forward to prevent this from happening. I wish it could’ve ended differently for Mr. Sterling, but I see it as a wake-up call to the people of America, if they want to see a change in their society.

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