Essay about Violence In American Media Influencing Australian Youth

Essay about Violence In American Media Influencing Australian Youth

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American music, films and video games have had a great impact on Australian citizens, particularly on young people. These American media products have got negative messages that have been invited to the audiences to engage in. Violent crimes is one of them.
As American media continues to take the minds of the innocent and vulnerable, it becomes over powering and Australians are being flooded with negative violent messages. This is influencing Australians to believe that to be a tough, rough criminal is the new in thing and crime rates are escalating rapidly.

This American media is such a powerful weapon, it can make lies become truths, and it can change lives. It can make people believe that they are, or can be, anything or anyone. American media is changing the shape of Australian youth. Go out west to even a small Aborigine community and the kids are wearing baseball clothing. Kids in the cities are wearing gang rap clothes and are walking around with their copycat gang hand signals and attitudes. Australia is losing its culture so fast, I envision within 20 years, we will become just like America and it’s mainly because of the media.

There is enough violence and crime in the world, without depicting more of it in American media and encouraging more of it. There is too much violence, often portrayed graphically, in sickeningly realistic close up detail, and much of it is unwarranted. If you cut out much of the violent and gruesome scenes today, production companies would actually lose profits due to the movie being “too boring”. Hannibal Lector, house of wax, chucky, saw, Amityville horror, Friday the 13th, Scream, The Cellar Door, Flight of the Living Dead, Dead Silence, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and the list goes on...

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...ertainment diet America is feeding Australian youth, is adversely affecting the essential characteristics that make them Australian, and if nothing is done about it, we will turn out just like these American role models in the media, committing violent crimes for no apparent reason.



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